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Employee Notification Policies, 2010-2011

Hitchcock Independent School District

Employment Policies 2010-2011


The below listed board policies can be accessed through the Hitchcock ISD website at www.hitchcockisd.orgEmployee Information:  Employee Notification Policies, 2010-2011.


District Goals and Planning

1.    AE (LOCAL) Educational Philosophy/Mission Statement

2.    BQ (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Planning and Decision-Making Process

3.    BQA (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Planning and Decision-Making Process

4.    BQB (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Planning and Decision-Making Process

Instruction and Students

5.    EFA (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Instructional Resources:  Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption

6.    EFE (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Instructional Resources:  Copyrighted Material

7.    EIA (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Academic Achievement:  Grading/Progress Reports to Parents

8.    EIE (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Academic Achievement:  Retention and Promotion

9.    FB (LOCAL) Equal Educational Opportunity

10. FFAC (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Health Requirements and Services:  Medical Treatment

11. FFAD (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Health Requirements and Services:  Communicable Diseases

12. FFG (LEGAL) (EXHIBIT) Child Abuse and Neglect

13. FFH (LEGAL)(LOCAL) Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation

14. FFI (LOCAL) Freedom from Bullying

15. FL (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Student Records

16. FNA (LEGAL)(LOCAL) Student Expression

17. FNAA (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Student Expression:  Distribution of Non-school Literature

18. FNAB (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Student Expression:  Use of School Facilities for Non-school Purposes

19. FNC (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Student Rights and Responsibilities:  Student Conduct

20. FNG (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Student Rights and Responsibilities:  Student and Parent Complaints/Grievances

21. GRA (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Relations with Governmental Entities: Local Governmental Authorities


22. CAA (LOCAL) Fiscal Management Goals and Objectives

23. CK (LOCAL) Safety Program/Risk Management

24. CKA (LEGAL) Safety Program/Risk Management:  Inspections

25. CKB (LOCAL) Safety Program/Risk Management:  Accident Prevention and Reports

26. CKC (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Safety Program/Risk Management:  Emergency Plans

27. CQ (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Electronic Communication and Data Management

28. CRD (LEGAL) Insurance and Annuities Management:  Health and Life Insurance

29. DAA (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Employment Objectives:  Equal Employment Opportunity

30. DBAA (LEGAL) Criminal History and Credit Reports

31. DBD (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Employment Requirements and Restrictions:  Conflict of Interest

32. DBF (LOCAL) Employment Requirements and Restrictions:  Nonschool Employment

33. DC (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Employment Practices

34. DCA (LEGAL) Employment Practices:  Probationary Contracts

35. DCB (LEGAL) Employment Practices:  Educator Term Contracts

36. DCC (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Employment Practices:  Continuing Contracts

37. DCD (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Employment Practices:  At-Will Employment

38. DCE (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Employment Practices:  Other Types of Contracts

39. DEA (LEGAL) Compensation and Benefits:  Salaries, Wages, and Stipends

40. DEAA (LEGAL)(LOCAL) Incentives and stipends

41. DEC (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Compensation and Benefits:  Leaves and Absences

42. DECA (LEGAL) Family and Medical Leave

43. DECB (LEGAL) Military Leave

44. DEE (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Compensation and Benefits:  Expense Reimbursement

45. DF (LEGAL) Termination of Contract

46. DFAA (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Probationary Contracts:  Suspension/Termination During Contract

47. DFAB (LEGAL) Probationary Contracts:  Termination at End of Year

48. DFAC (LEGAL) Probationary Contracts:  Return to Probationary Status

49. DFBA (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Term Contracts:  Suspension/Termination During Contract

50. DFBB (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Term Contracts:  Nonrenewal

51. DFCA (LEGAL) Continuing Contracts:  Suspension/Termination

52. DFD (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Termination of Contract:  Hearings Before Hearing Examiner

53. DFE (LOCAL) Termination of Contract:  Resignation

54. DFF (LOCAL) Termination of Contract:  Reduction in Force

55. DG (LEGAL) Employee Rights and Privileges

56. DGBA (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Personnel-Management Relations:  Employee Complaints/Grievances

57. DH (LEGAL) (LOCAL) (EXHIBIT) Employee Standards of Conduct

58. DHE (LEGAL) (LOCAL) (EXHIBIT) Employee Standards of Conduct:  Searches and Alcohol/Drug Testing

59. DI (LEGAL) (LOCAL) (EXHIBIT) Employee Welfare

60. DIA (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Employee Welfare:  Freedom from Harassment

61. DK (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Assignment and Schedules

62. DMD (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Professional Development:  Professional Meetings and Visitations

63. DN (LOCAL) Performance Appraisal

64. DNA (LEGAL) (LOCAL) Performance Appraisal:  Evaluation of Teachers

65. DNB (LOCAL) Performance Appraisal:  Evaluation of Other Professional Employees

66.  GBA (LEGAL) Public Information Program:  Access to Public Information

67.  GBAA (LEGAL) (EXHIBIT) Information Access:  Requests for Information

68.  GRA (LEGAL) (LOCAL)(EXHIBIT) Local Governmental Authorities

69.  Chapter 37, Section 37.001 – 37.022

70.  Chapter 37, Offenses and Consequences

71.  Q & A, “A Teacher’s Guide to Student Discipline”



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