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Required Postings


Hitchcock ISD Proposed Amendment to Current Local District of Innovation Plan,  (T.E.C. §22.004(i), T.E.C. §21.003, T.E.C. §21.053, T.E.C. §21.057, T.E.C. §21.044) DOI Amendment Form
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99)


Accreditation Status (19 Administrative Code §97.1055(f))
Agenda for School Board Meetings (Government Code, §551.056(c)(3))
Campus Report Card, Performance Report, District Rating (Education Code, §39.362)
Conflict Disclosure Statements and Questionnaires (Local Government Code, §176.009(a))
Main Office Contact Information (Local Government Code, §140.008(f)(2))
Notice of School Board Meeting (Government Code, §551.056(b)(3))
Superintendent's Contract (Title 19 Administrative Code, §109.1001(o)(3)(B)(i))
School Board Employment Policies (Education Code, §21.204(d)
Texas Academic Performance Report (Title 19 Administrative Code, §61.1022(f))
Vacancy Postings (Education Code, §11.1513(d)(1)(B))


Adopted Budgets (Education Code, §44.0051(a))
Child and Adult Care Food Program U.S.C §226.6(d)(3)4)
Community Eligibility Provision (Title 19 Administrative Code §61.1027)
Texas Landowner's Bill of Rights ((Property Code, §21.0112(b)(2))
Summary of Proposed Budgets (Education Code, §44.0041(a)(1))


FFA - Student Welfare
FFAA - Wellness and Health Services
FFAB - Wellness and Health Services
FFAC - Wellness and Health Services
FFAD - Wellness and Health Services
FFAE - Wellness and Health Services
FFAF - Wellness and Health Services
Immunization Awareness (Education Code, §38.019(a))
Physical Activity Policies (Education Code, §28.004(k))
Triennial Assessment 2023
HISD Wellness Policy 2023-2024

RFQ & Bid Postings

HISD Audit RFQ - May 15th, 2024