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The Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) is a data collection system developed by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to submit district data to the state on a scheduled basis. PEIMS encompasses all data requested and received by TEA about public education, including:

  • Organizational
  • Budget
  • Actual Financial
  • Staff
  • Student Demographics
  • Program Participation
  • School Leaver
  • Student Attendance
  • Course Completion 
  • Discipline

Each campus in Hitchcock ISD has a PEIMS Coordinator responsible for submitting all the district data required by TEA to enable them to evaluate our school district and campuses. The information submitted determines state funding, as well as compliance and accountability in many programs.

County District Numbers
What is a County District Number or (CDN)?

This number is to identify any particular School District or Campus(s) within the state of Texas. The CDN is used in federal and state reporting to look up any District or Campus public state ratings.

  • County Number:
    • The first 3 numbers in the CDN sequence is the county number in which the school district is primarily located. Hitchcock ISD is located in Galveston County, the number starts with (084-xxx-xxx).
  • District Number:
    • The 3 numbers found in the middle of the CDN sequence are the specific district identification number. Hitchcock ISD's District number is (xxx-908-xxx). 
  • Campus Number:
    • The last 3 numbers in the CDN  sequence are for each individual campus within the school district you are searching for.
      • Hitchcock High School is (xxx-xxx-001)
      • Crosby Middle School is (xxx-xxx-042)
      • Stewart Elementary School is (xxx-xxx-103)
      • Hitchcock Primary School is (xxx-xxx-106)
      • Kids First Head Start is (xxx-xxx-104)

Federal Report Cards 2022-2023:

Letter to HISD Parents & Guardians (English)
Letter to HISD Parents & Guardians (Spanish)