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Media Relations

Hitchcock ISD is committed to working cooperatively with the news media regarding the coverage of various issues, celebrations, achievements, and events surrounding the District, it's students, and/or staff. We know that there are plenty of great stories to tell and look forward to working on them both proactively and at the request of news organizations.

With that being said, our first priority is always the safety and security of our students and staff.

The following guidelines are in effect for all district campuses and facilities:

  • All media inquiries should be directed to the Communications Department.
  • The Communications Department will work with the Superintendent and campus principals or building supervisors to determine the District's response to each media request.
  • The Communications Department should be contacted immediately if media personnel visit a campus. If the media visit without prior approval, he/she/they should be asked to leave and sent to the Communications Department, located at 7801 Neville Ave, Bldg B.
  • Media personnel will only be allowed on campus after the Communications Department has verified it will not cause disruption to the learning environment.
  • The media may take photographs/video/get quotes at the discretion of the campus administrator/communications department.
  • Hitchcock ISD strictly enforces and follows student privacy preferences and release of student information as outlines in FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) guidelines. All students who are being interviewed, photographed, and/or videotaped must have proper releases on file beforehand.
  • Prior to any media visit, ample time must be given for district administrators to verify student privacy preferences and provide ample notification to the campus/building administrators.
  • The Communications Department will always serve as the media's point of contact when on district grounds.