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Celebrating CTE Month across Hitchcock ISD

Celebrating CTE Month across Hitchcock ISD
Hitchcock ISD Communications

CTE month is in full swing and there is plenty to celebrate across Hitchcock ISD. But first, what is “CTE”? Career and Technical Education, the full name for CTE, encompasses courses and programs of study focused on providing students with the academic and technical skills, knowledge and training needed to succeed in their future careers.

The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) has claimed the month of February as Career and Technical Education Month, or CTE Month, labeling it a “public awareness campaign that takes place each February to celebrate the value of CTE programs and the achievements of students who pursue a technical career across the state and country.”

At Hitchcock ISD, CTE has become increasingly popular with each year that goes by, with the district constantly adding more courses and programs of study. As of the 2022-23 school year, the district has expanded to offer more than 20 courses across eight different programs of study at Hitchcock High School and through a partnership with the College of the Mainland just down the road in Texas City.

“Partnering with College of the Mainland allows our students the opportunity to take CTE courses that we are unable to provide at this time, and earn college credit at the same time,” said Patrick Faour, District Coordinator. “Working with COM is like a win-win situation for us as we are able to provide more opportunities for our students to further their education.”

In addition to partnering with the College of the Mainland, Hitchcock ISD works closely with its own campuses as well as local businesses to provide students with real world experiences and knowledge to prepare them for successful launches into their respective fields come graduation. For instance, HISD introduced its newest program of study in August 2022 in the Education and Training field with its “Principles of Education and Training” class. As part of the curriculum for this class, students from Hitchcock High School began visiting Hitchcock Primary School to shadow and assist teachers in their classrooms. Another program of study the district offers, Hospitality and Tourism, has provided students in its culinary classes with the opportunity to cook for some district events. 

Hitchcock ISD’s Programs of Study include:
● Hospitality and Tourism
● Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
● Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics
● Business, Marketing, and Finance
● Health Science
● Education and Training
● Manufacturing (provided at College of the Mainland)
● Regional Program of Study: Cosmetology (provided at College of the Mainland)

Within the various programs of study are the opportunities for students to earn industry-based certifications. These certifications help solidify students’ knowledge in the respective fields they study all year. By earning and adding these certifications to their resumes, students are setting themselves up for success when seeking employment in the field they’ve studied.

Hitchcock ISD currently offers several industry-based certifications, including:
● ServSafe Manager
● Floral Design
● Animal Science
● Ducks Unlimited Ecology Conservation and Management
● Equine Management and Evaluation
● ASE - Engine Repair
● EKG Technician

As advancement for the CTE program continues, excitement is palpable as the district is looking forward to the 2024-25 school year when it will unveil a brand new CTE facility at the high school as part of the district’s bond package passed in May 2022.

“We could not be more excited to cut the red ribbon and open the doors to our new CTE facility come July 2024,” said Travis Edwards, Superintendent of Hitchcock ISD. “Our staff and students deserve the best of the best in order to flourish and be successful in their fields. By providing them with their own dedicated teaching and learning environment, we know anything will be possible.”

CTE is imperative to the development of students’ knowledge and skills in the field they want to pursue beyond high school. Whether it’s college, trade school, or straight to the workforce, the district is preparing students to take the world by storm with educational opportunities such as CTE.

As the saying goes around Hitchcock ISD, what starts here can change the world.