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Hitchcock ISD Celebrates End of Year Awards and Recognitions

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Hitchcock ISD Celebrates End of Year Awards and Recognitions
Jaree Hefner

HITCHCOCK, TX — Hitchcock ISD is proud to honor and recognize the dedication and achievements of our outstanding staff members with our annual End of Year Awards. This year's awards celebrate the commitment, hard work, and excellence of our educators and staff, who continuously strive to provide the best education and support for our students.

Service Awards: We acknowledge the following staff members for their years of dedicated service:

  • 5 Years: Rogers Charles, Rogers Davis, Dylan Graham, Lynelle Rutledge, Allastair Webb, Yessica Cavarria Puente, Glenda Sears, Lloyd Sowell, Stacey Wheeland, Melissa Arnold, Amber Janak, Lisa Kibler, Kimberly Shannon, Rachel Simpson, Leigh Lehnert, Ceresa Nichols, Andrea Rodriguez, Judy Meade, Travis Edwards, Linda Hazzard, Anthony Milsap, Sr, Matthew Richardson
  • 10 Years: Fannie Bouldin, Janet Clemons (Cervantes), Marina Murray (Leon), Robert Christiansen
  • 15 Years: Glen Newsom, Darlene Blackwell, Tiffany McCullough, Evangelina Guerra
  • 25 Years: Lloyd Jones Jr, Natricia Brown, Patricia Eshelman-Messina, Jacqueline Henderson, Ethel Gaines, Trinda Harris
  • 35 Years: Nancy Wolfford
  • 50 Years: Carolyn Jordan

Retirements: We extend our heartfelt gratitude and best wishes to our retiring staff members:

  • Nancy Wolfford (35 Years)
  • Terry Fails (33 Years)
  • Carmen Hidalgo (16 Years)
  • Glen Newsom (15 Years)
  • David Grassmuck (9 Years)
  • Deborah Read (9 Years)
  • Catarina Hlozek (6 Years)
  • Ceresa Nichols (5 Years)

Teacher and Employee of the Year Awards: We celebrate the exceptional achievements of our Teachers and Employees of the Year:

  • HHS: Robert Gulihur - Rising Star, Korine Martinez - Shooting Star, Nicolas Randle - Para of the Year
  • CMS: Amena Masswi - Rising Star, Jessica Binford - Shooting Star, Nikesha Green - Para of the Year
  • SES: Kaitlin Martinez - Rising Star, Stephen Steinbauer - Shooting Star, Vanessa Hearne - Para of the Year
  • HPS: Denitra Richardson - Rising Star, Abigail Marin - Shooting Star, Dena McCollum - Para of the Year
  • KFHS: Alex Alvarado Perales - Teacher of the Year, Sharon Carter - Para of the Year

Administration Employees of the Year:

  • Jesus Ayala, Transportation Employee of the Year
  • Krystal Ostermayer, GGCCSE Employee of the Year
  • Linda Leuschen, Central Office Employee of the Year

District-Wide Employees of the Year:

  • Korine Martinez, Secondary Teacher of the Year
  • Abigail Marin, Employee Teacher of the Year

Superintendent Travis W. Edwards expressed, "We are incredibly proud of our staff's unwavering dedication to our students and community. Their hard work and passion are the cornerstones of our district's success."

For more information, please contact: Jaree Hefner at or by phone at 409-218-1410.