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Hitchcock ISD earns superior FIRST rating from TEA

Hitchcock ISD earns superior FIRST rating from TEA
Hitchcock ISD Communications

The Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST) per the Texas Education Agency (TEA) have released their legislative-mandated financial accountability ratings for all Texas school districts and Hitchcock ISD earned the highest rating of Superior with 98 points.

One of four financial accountability ratings are assigned to each Texas school district, depending on the number of points earned out of 100. “A” stands for “Superior Achievement,” needing 90 to 100 points, followed by “B” for “Above-Standard Achievement,” needing 80 to 89 points, “C” for “Standard Achievement,” needing the passing score of 70 to 79 and “F” for “Substandard Achievement,” or anything below the passing score of 70. This is the second consecutive year HISD has earned an “A” rating.

“I’m very proud of our district’s showing of good stewardship in the continued effort of respecting our taxpayers' investment in education,” said Travis Edwards, superintendent of Hitchcock ISD. “With the hard work and dedication of our staff along with the support of our Board of Trustees, we expect to maintain this rating for years to come.”

FIRST, in its 19th year, is a financial accountability system for Texas school districts developed by the TEA aiming to achieve quality performance in the management of school districts’ financial resources, a goal made more significant due to the complexity of accounting associated with Texas’ school finance system. More than 1,200 school districts and charter schools are currently rated.

District officials held a public hearing to announce and review the report at the November 28, 2022, Regular School Board meeting. HISD’s financial reports can be found at To review FIRST ratings for all districts and charters, visit accountability/financial-integrity-rating-system-of-texas-first/financial-integrity-rating-system-of-texas.