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The 2023-2024 Swingerettes

Introducing the Hitchcock ISD Swingerettes Dance Team

We are thrilled to introduce the revitalized Hitchcock ISD Swingerettes Dance Team! These talented dancers are making a grand comeback, bringing energy and enthusiasm to our school community.

A Rich Tradition:
The Swingerettes Dance Team has a history that dates back to 1972. Over the years, they became an iconic part of Hitchcock ISD's spirit and pride. While the team disbanded in the mid-1990s, recent years have seen the resurgence of student groups proudly adopting the Swingerettes' name. This school year, the district officially resurrected the Swingerettes, celebrating their enduring legacy.

Performance Excellence:
The Swingerettes are not just a dance team; they are a source of entertainment and school spirit. These fabulous dancers grace the sidelines of football and basketball games, elevating the excitement and energy of our sporting events. Their performances have become a cherished tradition, adding an extra layer of enthusiasm to the Hitchcock ISD experience.

Expanding Horizons:
This school year marks an exciting milestone for the Swingerettes as they prepare to present their very first Spring Show. This event promises to showcase their dedication, hard work, and exceptional talent. It's an opportunity for our community to witness the immense growth and creativity of these young dancers.

Academic Excellence:
The Swingerettes are not only dedicated to their craft but also to their education. They have the privilege of a dedicated Dance Period during the school day, allowing them to focus on refining their dance techniques. What's more, they earn a Fine Arts credit for their commitment to this art form, demonstrating the importance of a well-rounded education.

We invite the Hitchcock ISD community to join us in supporting and celebrating the Swingerettes Dance Team. Whether you're cheering them on at games or attending their upcoming Spring Show, your presence means the world to these dedicated dancers.

Stay tuned for more updates and performances from the Swingerettes as they continue to shine brightly in our school district. Their passion, talent, and commitment make them a truly remarkable part of Hitchcock ISD's fine arts tradition.