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Scholarships & Opportunities

Dual Credit Courses Offered at No Cost

Financial Aid for Swift Transfer, aka FAST, is a program that allows colleges to offer dual credit courses to eligible high school students at no cost to the student!

Dear bulldogs, please review the attached flyer from the Daughters of the American Revolution. This organization is sponsoring a Patriots of the American Revolution DAR high school essay contest for all grade levels 9-12. All entries are due by 11/22/23 to by a teacher or school official.

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Attention senior bulldogs, the Daughters of the Confederacy are offering a $500 scholarship to a graduating senior who will attend college, university, or technical school. The deadline for this scholarship is 3-24-24.

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Attention bulldog students and parents, please review this free opportunity for 9th - 12 graders by the Ocean Star Education Foundation. Please remember to review eligibility requirements and deadlines

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