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Occupational Therapy Activities and Websites

  1. Practice rainbow writing (write words, letters in one color crayon or pencil and then retrace over it again and again with different colors).
  2. Have your child write letters to their grandparents or friends talking about what they have been doing while at home (reinforce correct letter formation working from the top to the bottom).
  3. Practice writing and drawing  using fun and different ways (for example: outside using sidewalk chalk, writing with a paint brush dipped in water on the sidewalk or wooden fence, writing on the kitchen table in shaving cream, putting rice in a cookie sheet or pan and having them write etc.)
  4. To increase functional writing tool grasping skills, have them write using an elevated surface (for example: writing/drawing on an easel, writing/drawing on paper taped to a door, writing/drawing on paper on a big 3 ring binder).
  5. If they have an IPAD or tablet, download writing apps. 
  6. For younger children (pre-K or K level), have your child
    1. Form letters with playdough or similar materials;
    2. Snip or cut out of paper with child sized scissors;
    3. Tear paper into small pieces to promote pincer skills.

Gross Motor Ideas/Indoor Recess

Resources for students with significant impairments: 

Websites to practice keyboarding:

Sensory activities

  1. Use heavy work for calming and regulating (for example, have them carry laundry baskets full of clothes, carry in groceries, do wall pushups, pushups on the floor etc.
  2. Roll them up like a “hot dog or tortilla” in a blanket (make sure their head is out and it is not too tight).  This can be very calming.
  3. Have a “sensory walk”, (for example, when walking outside, touch the leaves, grass, flowers etc. while talking about what they see and feel).
  4. In the house, you can play in shaving cream, pudding, or make slime for increasing tolerance for textures/materials.  (Make sure to honor any hypersensitivities they may have and do not “force” their participation!)