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Hitchcock ISD



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HISD Police Department

Hitchcock ISD Police Department




Christopher Filidei, Chief of Police

 Office:(409) 316-6555

Office Address: Hitchcock High School
6629, FM 2004
Hitchcock, Texas 77563

Email Address:


Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Hitchcock ISD Police Department is to serve and protect the schools and the community of Hitchcock by providing students and staff a safe and secure environment that fosters a foundation for learning through the reassurance of safety.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to bridge the gap between law enforcement and students by building and cultivating relationships based on trust, honesty, and compassion. This is not just a job, but an opportunity for people that truly care to protect and guide the future.


Department Motto

Regardless of what may be going on outside the walls of the schools in Hitchcock ISD, we want all students to know, “YOU ARE SAFE HERE, AND WE CARE.”



Hitchcock ISD’s School Resource Officers (SROs) commissioned under Texas Education Code - section 37.081, have all of the same power, privileges, and immunities of as regular peace officers; may enforce all laws, including municipal ordinances, county ordinances, and state laws; and may take a juvenile into custody. The jurisdiction of SROs includes all territory within the boundaries of the school district and all property outside the boundaries of the district that is owned, leased, or rented by or otherwise under the control of the school district and the board of trustees that employ the peace officer. The chief of police for the school district police department is accountable to the district’s superintendent. In addition, Chapter 52 of the Family Code grants SROs the authority to take a child into custody. A school district peace officer may also provide assistance to another law enforcement agency if and when necessary.



Racial Profiling

Texas law strictly prohibits racial profiling; the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure defines racial profiling as "a law enforcement-initiated action based on the individual's race, ethnicity, or national origin rather than on the individual's behavior or on information identifying the individual as having engaged in criminal activity."

The Hitchcock ISD Police Department prohibits officers from engaging in any type of racial profiling. Each officer has received Racial Profiling #3256 (TCOLE) training concerning the racial profiling law and are also provided a copy of departmental policy pertaining to racial profiling.

Racial Profiling Complaint Process

Complaints alleging racial profiling regarding an individual may be filed with the Hitchcock ISD Police Department. The Office of the Chief of Police is physically located at the Hitchcock High School, located at 6629 FM 2004, Hitchcock, Texas. The Police Department's telephone number is (409) 316-6555.


A complaint should be submitted in writing and in a timely manner after the incident so that the incident can receive prompt attention. Once the complaint is received the Chief of Police will initiate an internal investigation into the matter.


Complaints Against Police Officers


The Hitchcock ISD Police Department demands all employees to maintain professional standards in their conduct on and off duty, and observe all policies and procedures in carrying out their responsibilities.


The Department will investigate all complaints against employees to final disposition. Rights of the employee and the public must be preserved, and any investigation or hearing arising from a complaint will be conducted in a fair and timely manner.




1. In order for a complaint against a district peace officer to be considered by the head of the department, the complaint must be in writing, and signed by the person making the complaint.

2. All complaints must allege specific act(s) of misconduct, and the complainant must have firsthand knowledge of the act in question.

3. A sworn statement will be required from the complainant at the discretion of the Chief of Police.

4. Complaints which occur more than 30 days after the alleged incident will not be accepted unless: The act is criminal and the statute of limitations has not yet run.


5. All complaints concerning misconduct of an officer will be investigated.  It will be the intent of the investigation to protect the integrity of the officer concerned and/or the integrity of the department and the district. 


6. Officers shall give their full cooperation concerning investigation of complaints.


7. A copy of the complaint shall be given to the officer within a reasonable time after it is filed, and no disciplinary action shall be taken against the officer as a result of the complaint unless a copy is given to the officer.


8. The officer may not be terminated based on the subject matter of the complaint, unless the complaint is investigated and there is evidence to prove the allegation of misconduct.


9. If the investigation reveals that there was misconduct by the officer, the appropriate administrative action will be taken.


10. If the investigation reveals that there was misconduct by the officer and the misconduct was criminal in nature, the District Attorney’s Office shall be notified, in addition to the appropriate administrative action taken.


11. The person making the complaint may be contacted during the investigation for additional information and will be notified of the final disposition.

Compliments Process:
We love to hear from our citizens about the great things our officers are doing in our community. Please email any compliments to cfilidei@hitchcockisd.org

Investigation Process:


Once a complaint is received, it is thoroughly investigated by the Chief of Police or his designee. The investigation will usually include a review of all applicable reports, policies and procedures, surveillance video & body worn camera video (if available) along with interviews of all parties and witnesses. Upon completion of the investigation, a determination will be made as to whether the employee violated department policies, school policies, procedures, or state law.


Outcome of the Investigation


The Chief of Police will review the complaint and findings. This review is to assure that the investigation was handled thoroughly and objectively. The Chief's review will also consist of assessing the need to improve department policies, procedures and our training of officers.


You will be given an opportunity to meet with the Chief to discuss the outcome of the complaint or you may request to receive written notification of the Investigator's findings in place of the meeting. There are four possible findings:


1. Sustained - The allegation made in the complaint is supported by sufficient evidence.

2. Not Sustained - There is insufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegation made in the complaint.

3. Unfounded - The allegation is false. The incident never occurred or the employee was not involved in the incident, or the investigation conclusively proved that the employee’s alleged act or actions that would constitute misconduct, did not occur.

4. Exonerated - The investigation shows that the alleged incident did occur, but was justified, lawful and proper under the circumstances.



Hitchcock ISD Safety and Security Practices

Hitchcock ISD is committed to providing the safest environment for all of our students, staff members and visitors. As such, HISD has a multi hazard emergency plan in place to address school safety which is currently being revised to stay up to date with ever-changing safety needs and evolving technology.     

These measures include but are not limited to investments in:

       * Hitchcock ISD Police Department

       * Updated campus security camera

       * School bus cameras

       * Access controlled doors and vestibules

       * Frequent unannounced K9 searches

       * Updated campus radio systems

       * Comprehensive Emergency Operations planning

       * Regular Emergency Drills

       * V-soft monitoring (visitor management system)

       * Door alarms

       * Labeled entry/exit points